Bird Watching Barcelona

Steppes & raptors

Near Lleida we find the best areas of grassland and steppe in Catalonia. On the 1st day of our tour, we will visit some of these dryland areas according to your target species and interests. If you are interested, we could visit the Ivars lake as well, is a large lagoon in the heart of the Lleida cereal plain ( After a full birding day, it is time to relax in the hotel, remind the birds we have seen and talk about life! On the 2nd day we will get close to the Pyrenees to search for large raports and other birds typical of cliffs and rocky areas. The price does not includes meals and accomodation.

Timing: All year.

Some outstanding birds at Steppes & raptors tour are:

Delta Llobregat_web

Llobregat Delta

The natural areas of the Llobregat Delta are placed in a coastal floodplain with a great variety of habitats: cultivated land, coastal pinewoods, marshes, lagoons, reedbeds, beaches with dune vegetation. As a result, more than 360 bird species have been observed in the reserves (more info at If this is your first visit to Barcelona, this is the best option: lots of species in a short period of time. It also highly recommended to eat in one of the local restaurants (not included in the price) to enjoy the best local products: the Blue-legged Rooster and the Artichoke.

Timing: All year, but protected areas are closed on Mondays.

Some outstanding birds at Llobregat Delta are:


El Garraf

El Garraf is a coastal location where the emphatic dryness of the summer and low water retention capacity of calcareous soils determine the vegetation growth. Here we find interesting and unusual animal species such as the Mediterranean Turtle (Testudo hermanni) and a variety of open ground and Mediterranean bird species. And if we still have some time left after visiting ‘El Garraf’, we will go to the Llobregat Delta to search for some wetland birds. In addition, for only 20 € more per person we would visit Coma Romà winery, an exclusive brand of organic wine made with great care by the family Guilera in the small village of Sant Pau d’Ordal, where we would enjoy a wine tasting accompanied by some traditional food products.

Timing: Not recommended during July and August due to hot weather.

Some outstanding birds at El Garraf are:

Estany d'Ivars

Ivars lake & steppes

The Ivars lake is a large lagoon located 2 hours drive from Barcelona, in the heart of the Lleida cereal plain. It is a fresh watered lake coming from an endorheic origin, restored in 2005, and has a surface area of 126 ha, being the biggest lake in the inner region of Catalonia in terms of dimension. More info at

Moreover, the dry fields surrounding or near the lake provide an apportunity to search for some characteristic steppe-land birds, so you do not mind getting up early in the morning to enjoy a great full-day birding trip, that is the one!

Timing: Not recommended during July and August due to hot weather.

Some outstanding birds at Ivars lake and steppes are:


El Montseny

El Montseny is a mountain range designated a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO covering more than 30,000 hectares. Because of its altitudinal range (from 200 m up to 1,700 m) and climatic gradients, the area contains a wide variety of habitats (Mediterranean oakwoods and pinewoods, beechwoods, groves of Silver Fir and subalpine thickets and meadows), resulting in a great variety of birds. Here, we highly recommend you to discover the local cuisine (not included, but we can arrange a restaurant lunch on request or you can decide it on the go).

Timing: All year.

Some outstanding birds at El Montseny are:



Montserrat, that literally means ‘the jagged mountain’, is a symbol of Catalan identity and spirituality (more info at Here we’ll search for a mixture of rocky ground, cliff, Mediterranean woodland and scrubland bird species, as well as the Iberian ibex (Capra pyrenaica).

Timing: Not recommended during July and August due to hot weather.

Some outstanding birds at Montserrat are:


El Vallès

El Vallès is a quite humanized area close really close to Barcelona where surprisingly we can enjoy a find variety of birds. Depending on your time and interests we might visit different habitats such as cliffs, farmlands, scrublands, woodlands and Mediterranean rivers. Here you you have the option to complete this trip by visiting an artisan brewery, where you might have a nice time tasting up to 5 of their different beers accompanied by some traditional food products. In this case, 20 € per person would be added to the flat rate. Timing: All year.

Some outstanding birds at el Vallès are: